• Operating System: Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
  • 4″  TFT Capacitive Full Touch
  • WVGA Dispaly
  • Camera: 5MP+0.3 MP
  • 1.2 GHz Processor (Dual Core)
  • RAM 512 MB & ROM 4 GB
  • 3G,EDGE,GPRS,Wi-Fi
  • GPS, G sensor, Proximity Sensor
  • Bubble Bash 3, Facebook, YouTube, Android Market(Play Store), Gmail, Skype, Office suite, Dictionary

73 thoughts on “W68

  1. এটার display & touch quality কি W71 এর সমমানের বা কাছাকাছি? আর use করলে কি বেশি গরম হয়? Symphony Outlet-এ এটা এখন পাওয়া যাবে?

  2. Dear Admin,
    In your website Wi-Fi is not mentioned in Data Service section for W68. Does Wi-Fi act as data service in W68?
    I also want to know by 3G I can make video call, mobile tv and hspda internet or not in W68.
    Can I make skype video call with front and back camera, play 3d game and HD GAME in W68?

    I can purchase W68 if you give me those information.

  3. Can i play 3D game in this mobile? And is there any real showroom of Symphony in Mirpur? If yes i need the address plz…
    Thank You

  4. Onek kom dam. Sob kisue ok. Juzt battery ta 2000mah hole aro valo hoto. Admin tab kobe ber korben? Amr post waiting 4 moderation kano thake.Ami to d25 diya ei post ta lektesi but amr browser nokia 6120c

  5. symphonyr kase ki latest os jb er 10″ Tablet pc hope korte parina very soon…karon ehon ORDINARY company o jb disse…ektu try korben ki… :) ) :) :) :) ??????

  6. allah malum ki kernel banasen apnara…..cell standby time r phone idle time onno j kono set theke hajar hajar gun valo.leatest mediateck nd without bug kernel ta ak kotahy set ta k onno level e nea gese.s3 level r gpu ta solid support ditese.thanks for this nice model.ata amar 1st symphony set nd around 10000 tk er modhee joto set ase i will say this is the best.ata kivabe root kra jabe r reovery ta kothay pabo parle mail ke amake janay diyen…… :p plssss

  7. Symphony!!!!
    2mas dhore wait kortesi & kortesi,kobe symphonyr new jellybean er tab ber hobe?????
    Admin apni to khali bolen we always take your…………But koren to na. Ektu sure hoye bole samne kuno tab astese kina

  8. @admin can you please tell me what types of sensor it has? in your website it says only 2 sensor. does it has motion sensor: Accelerometer 3D?

  9. when will the second stock of this phone will be provided in market….went to shops a couple of times to get it…but they are saying stovk is finished..and those who have it for selling are asking higher price like 8000/7500 BDT….what the hell is going on??

    • Within one week it will be available in market. Please try to buy symphony product from our Brand outlets

      Thank you very much for being with us

  10. What a mistake !!!!

    Cover page e lekha 4 Gb RAM. Symphonir kas theke kokhonoi eto boro vul asha kori ni . ???? @ admin

    Customer care e jeye ki sodtare based problem er solution paya jabe ?

    • This is not mistake. 4Gb RAM means 512 MB RAM. Yes, you can get solution from customer care

      Thank you very much for being with us

  11. Can w68 support wifi and proximity sensor. Admin plz answer immediately. IF I CAN USE INTERNET THROUGH WIFI IN THIS SET I WILL BUY THIS SET TOMORROW.

  12. Admin please inform me the current price of W68? I have checked the price is higher then mentioned price at website in market. Would you please inform me about it?

  13. dear Admin, Camera quality of an android phone is important, does w68 has real 5 mp camera or not?? bcoz my friend has bought w82 and the camera’s picture quality is very very bad. is the camera quality of W68 and W82 are same or not, if the camera of W68 is better than W82, I’ll buy it. plz admin reply me……

  14. set ta kineci 7000 diy……….josh ekta set…………kicu q er ans dei
    1. wifi and wifi hotspot ace
    2. 3d game chole
    3. front camera motamuti tobe 3g video caling chole

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